How to send large files

August 28, 2006

Have you ever tried to send a large file as an email attachment?

Sending email attachments of any size these days is a big issue. There is the whole virus thing — because many viruses are transmitted as email attachments, and most people delete attachments from unknown senders — or they should. Also, many people use email services that limit the size of their inbox.

Luckily, there are plenty of services that can send large files for free or for fairly low fees.

Listen to my podcast, and here are their names and the basic details. (up to 1 GB for $18/mo) (up to 100 MB for free) (up to 100 MB for free) (up to 250 MB free, other plans for a fee for bigger files and encryption) (up to 200 MB for $3/mo, encryption) (up to 25 MB for free)


One of my readers has a Yahoo email address and writes: I want to have a professional e-mail system for my personal life and use outlook on my own computer (not to be confused with my employer’s computer). What would you recommend?

In this podcast, I talk about the various options available. Here are links to the resources mentioned:

Are you confused about which broadband networking provider is best for your situation? There are three basic choices you have when you want to get into the Internet fast lane: cable modems, digital subscriber line or DSL, and satellite. I have used all of them over the years and they all have plusses and minuses.

On this podcast, I tell you how to pick the best service for your needs.

Here are some links to resources that I mention on the podcast: