Screencast video CDs for sale

April 23, 2008

After much work, I have put together a video CD that I will send you for $20.
This CD contains a series of short video tutorials that will show you how to take control over some basic tasks, recommend free or low-cost things that you can do to help promote your company online and become more productive.

The lessons follow two themes: why a particular set of technologies is important to your business, and how to actually get started and use the stuff. We all come from different places and different levels of experience and comfort with new technologies, and you may find that some of these lessons are more elementary or more complex than your needs. Not to worry: you can skip around as you wish, or rewind if you need to have something repeated. You can always return to the main CD menu and play something over again, and the little slider control can be adjusted while you watch if you want to repeat something over again.

The CD was assembled with Camtasia, which allows me to record a narrative as I demonstrate what you need to do to use the various technologies and Web sites that I mention. Here is a brief lesson plan:

And a sample lesson can be found above.

Lesson #1. Why domain names matter
Lesson #2 How to register your domain
Lesson #3 – Why blogs are important to your brand
Lesson #4 Setting up your first blog
Lesson #5 Different email strategies
Lesson #6 Where to host your email domain
Lesson #7 What are your alternatives for sending large files
Lesson #8 How to send large files
Lesson# 9 Why emailing lists are important
Lesson #10 How to use Yahoo Groups
Lesson #11 Why Internet fax
Lesson #12 Using eFax
Lesson #13 Why Internet phone
Lesson #Using Vonage
Lesson #15 Why use social networks
Lesson #16 — Using LinkedIn
Lesson #17 Using
Lesson #18 Using Facebook


2 Responses to “Screencast video CDs for sale”

  1. lisavaas Says:

    David, this was a godsend. You made a baffling process work for me (relatively) painlessly. Thank you so much for virtually holding my hand through this and speeding up what would have been a slow and arduous search to figure out how to sync up all these moving pieces.

  2. McCoy Says:

    McCoy says : I absolutely agree with this !

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