Allow me to show you how to hack into your own Web site. You don’t need any specialized tools or skills, and it just takes a couple of minutes.

Hacking is usually a pretty arcane thing, but when all you need is a Web browser and the ability to enter the appropriate search syntax to Google, it is chillingly easy to do.

The payoffs could be huge: an intruder could easily obtain a copy of your most sensitive data in about the time it takes to listen to this podcast.

Here are some references to helpful sites:


Is your computer protected against the Internet bad guys? You don’t need to be a computer expert to keep your files safe from the outside world. The Internet is awash with plenty of people – and computer programs – that are constantly searching for vulnerable computers such as yours. Once they find them, they can become compromised and used by the bad guys to launch attacks on others, what are called zombies and bot nets. You don’t want to join the zombie league, and surveys have shown all it takes is for you to be online for about 10 minutes before your computer can become compromised.

In this podcast, I talk about what you can do to prevent this from happening, and where you can get your own personal firewall.

Check out ZoneAlarm for the best Windows firewall. And here is where you can download Service Pack 2 for Windows XP. And how you can set up your Mac’s firewall.