Do you need to make conference calls but don’t want to spend a lot of money? When it comes time to make calls that involve three or more people, there are several different ways you can do it. You can use your cell phone ┬áif you just want to connect to two other parties, Skype (for up to five parties) or you can try out one of these absolutely free conferencing service providers:


Picking your business telephone is no longer a simple decision. I will show you ways you can save money and have lots of flexibility in this podcast.

In the old days, say a few years ago, when you wanted to start a new business, the first thing you got was a phone. You paid a lot of money to the local phone company, and you had limited options. Those days are thankfully a thing of the past. Today’s business line runs over your broadband Internet connection — and you have a lot more flexibility and choices.

Here are some of the providers mentioned in the podcast that can offer phone service:

A better way to fax

June 22, 2006

Did you know you can use the Internet for receiving faxes?

I hate getting junk faxes, and coming into my office in the morning to a pile of paper with useless menus and come-ons for printer supplies and such. For many years, I had an unlisted fax number to try to stop this sort of thing. But fax machines always seem to run out of paper just when you are expecting an important fax, and when you travel it is hard to be in the right place for a fax too.

There is an easier way, and that is to link your email inbox with an Internet fax service. Here are some of the providers mentioned in this podcast: