I occaisionally write articles for the New York Times Circuits section. Here are links to the pieces. You might have to register to view them.

  • If you like Skype or Vonage and don’t want to use them on your laptop when you travel, you currently have four products to choose from. Read my review that was printed in today’s NY Times called Calling Over the Net, No Laptop Required. None of the products are very satisfying, although Skype Mobile is the best of the lot.
  • IM has come of age in the past few years. No longer just the province of chatty teens, it is now part and parcel to many corporations’ advanced communications networks. And as IM takes hold across the enterprise, companies are finding new productivity gains and improvements in customer response time as benefits. Now, the generation of office workers that grew up with IM has gained control. IM has become the new black, the latest trend to take over IT. I look at the reasons for IM’s popularity and its future in the enterprise, along with some examples of what people are using it for besides text chats. You can read the entire New York Times article if you are registered here.
  • My article in the New York Times on new directions for WiFi was a fun article to report and work on. The Times piece talks about how the success of WiFi has sown the seeds of its potential demise with new wireless technologies such as Zigbee, Cable-Free USB, and others that can extend its range and functionality.
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