This site, and the associated podcasts, grew out of a frustration that I had to explain technology to small business owners who don’t have their own personal geek on hand to clear debris from their path, lift the scales from their eyes, and whisper the right URLs and commands in their ear. Okay, maybe that is a bit too much.

I am an international authority on network and Internet technologies. I have written extensively on the topic for nearly 20 years for a wide variety of print publications and websites, such as The New York Times,, PC Week/eWeek,, Network World, Infoworld, Computerworld, Small Business Computing, Communications Week, Windows Sources, c|net and, Web Review, Tom’s Hardware, EETimes, and many others.

For several years I also wrote weekly opinion columns on eCommerce for IDG and networking columns in Infoworld and PC Week.

I am the author of two books: Internet Messaging (Prentice Hall, 1998) which I co-authored with Marshall T. Rose and Home Networking Survival Guide (McGrawHill/Osborne, 2001).

In addition to this impressive collection of journalistic work, I am also a frequent speaker, panel and focus group moderator and instructor at various industry events and trade shows around the world including Interop, CMP’s Xchange, and for private clients.

I have been a guest on the Fox TV News Network, NPR, ABC-TV’s World News Tonight and CBS-TV News and others media outlets. For over 10 years, David I have authored the weekly Internet column “Web Informant”, which has several thousand industry professional subscribers. Web Informant covers topics such as eCommerce, Web site usability, and web product marketing issues and more. Issues of Web Informant have been syndicated all over the world, including the Daily (Tokyo) Yomiuri (both in print and Web editions), on Fawcette’s, and on numerous other technical web sites.

My management background includes several editorial management positions for both print and online properties for various audiences in the computing universe including IT/enterprise computing, channel/reseller markets, enthusiast/consumer and OEM/electronics. I was the Editor-in-chief for Tom’s Hardware, the world’s largest computing enthusiast collection of Web sites with an international audience of millions of readers. I was also the founding Editor-in-chief of Network Computing Magazine, and also held editorial management positions at VAR Business, EETimes, and PC Week.

Check back to this site often for real practical and hopefully useful tips on how to navigate your way around all this tech stuff. And feel free to post your own suggestions and comments. Each post on this blog will have a short summary of what the associated two or three minute podcast is about, and offer a link or two to a helpful site. I hope you enjoy the effort. Please feel free to send me email to david (at) strom (dot) com. You can also call my office at 310 857 6867. If you’d like me to do some private consultations, I offer a $500 half-day minimum rate.


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